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Gili Gede

Known as the "Secret Gilis", Gili Gede is part of a group of small islands off the coast of south-west Lombok.

Gili Gede remains mostly untouched by overwhelming tourism.

private jetty at luxury accommodation, Villa Selalu, Indonesia

Explore The Splendour

Explore the island by foot or push bike using it's paved tracks that hug the coastline. 


Sail or cruise along the clear waters and sheltered bays of Gede and nearby islands. With picturesque, long sandy beaches and bright coral reefs, snorkelling and scuba diving is a must. 

At Its Core

With a length of 4km x 1.6km at its widest point, the island is long and narrow. Home to five small villages of approximately 1,400 locals, the island is known for its rich fishing history.

private jetty at luxury accommodation, Villa Selalu, Indonesia
private beach at luxury accommodation, Villa Selalu, Indonesia

The weather is warm all year-round and varies from 25 – 35 degrees celsius while the water temperature maintains a balmy 26 – 29 degrees. 

Island Conservation 

Villa Selalu was designed to showcase the beauty of Gili Gede whilst leaving as minimal of an ecological footprint as possible.

We embrace our local community’s unique culture and traditions and support its people through employment, and a range of training opportunities.


We actively raise awareness and will continue to develop new initiatives to protect this delicate ecosystem we're apart of.

Island conservation on Gili Gede, Indonesia
Villa Selalu's sustainability messaging and efforts - Gili Gede, Indonesia


Sustainability is at the heart of our decisions and actions at the villa. 


To protect Gili Gede's pristine condition and natural resources, we are committed to developing conservation and preservation programs. 


Our kitchen mostly uses produce from the local farmers markets, however, we also grow many vegetables and herbs in our very own organic garden!


Using as little plastic as possible at the villa, we do not provide plastic drinking bottles. Rather, we encourage guests to purchase one of our own. With every drink bottle sold, we donate Rp50,000 towards our local communities’ “Keep Gede Beaches Clean” program.

Our Hawksbill Turtles

In 2018, Villa Selalu started a conservation program for the local Hawksbill Turtle.


Female turtles lay their eggs on the same beach where they were born. Every year about 500 baby Hawksbills hatch on our private beach. Each nest of eggs is protected in a netted area, built and checked daily by our villa staff.  After about 45 days, the hatchlings are born and kept safe until they are released.

Together, our staff, villa guests and the local community, release the hatchlings, carefully guiding them to the ocean. We do not touch them as they work their way to the surf. It’s crucial for the baby turtles to crawl themselves directly, in what’s known as the "imprinting process". Any interference can potentially affect their nesting habits in the future. It is only by walking across this beach that the females know where to return 10-15 years later to lay their own eggs.

At dusk on some evenings, the turtles appear by the shoreline, feeding off the seaweed and coral.  Guests gather on the jetty to quietly observe and wait for their heads to pop up! Knowing that our program is helping to conserve this critically endangered species, prized for its shell, is very satisfying indeed.

Many of our guests have donated towards this program, for which we are truly grateful.

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